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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions for bookings at Andenes Suite Hotel (ASH)



The type of room, number of people, price, date/time for check-in, cleaning and other services to be provided by Andenes Suite Hotel (later ASH) must be clearly stated in the confirmation sent after the booking has been made. 

The order is not guaranteed until credit card details and amount, or confirmation from a pre-approved company for invoicing, have been received by ASH. Cash payment is not accepted. 

ASH does its best to ensure that special requests are met, but cannot guarantee this. 

All guests must be of legal age (over 18). ASH reserves the right to reject and/or refuse check-in to persons who are visibly intoxicated or appear in other inappropriate manners, and who may be a nuisance to other guests. At check-in, ASH may require photo ID and credit card authorization.

Validity of the agreement  

The agreed prices are binding for both parties. ASH reserves the right to adjust the prices, if this results from changed costs as a result of taxes and fees imposed by the authorities, or other circumstances beyond ASH's control. In the event of such changes, ASH must document the situation and notify the customer of these at least 1 month before they are introduced. 

In case of cancellation of more than 20% of the reserved stay, which means that the original discount period is not maintained, ASH reserves the right to adjust the daily prices for the entire stay to the next agreed price/discount level for the suite.


Payment and authorization of credit cards 

The agreed amount is paid by credit card, bank card or Vipp's bank transfer when ordering. Ordering additional services during your stay is paid for by credit, bank card or Vipps at reception. 

Invoicing must be approved by ASH before ordering. 

In certain cases, authorization (deposit) of a credit card may be required upon check-in. This deposit is reserved during the stay and released on check-out, if the suite is in the same condition as on check-in. ASH releases the amount at check-out when the suite has been checked and approved. The time before the refunded amount appears on the account is determined by the customer's bank connection.

Guarantee of access to suite/room 

ASH obliged to offer the booked suite to the guest until 23:59 on the day of arrival. If the guest has not notified a later arrival, changed/cancelled or arrived within this time, ASH can cancel the reservation without contacting the guest.


Cancellation and change 

To be valid, all changes and cancellations must be made on our website, via your booking channel, or ASH is notified in writing. Certain prices may have restrictions on the possibility of change/cancellation, possibly additional fee. Separate conditions may apply when ordering through a third-party supplier. Confirmation must always be checked, the rules and price will emerge from this. 

Separate conditions can be entered into by separate agreement. These conditions will appear in such a special agreement. 

General cancellation rules:
Free cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in.
In case of cancellation, any amounts that have already been paid will be refunded. 

Group bookings: 

1 - Up to 14 days before arrival - free cancellation

2 - 13-8 days before arrival – 20% of the total amount will be charged

3 - 7-0 days before arrival - 75% of the total amount will be charged


Disposition of suite/room 

Booked suites/rooms must be ready for check-in at 15:00 on the day of arrival, and can be used until 12:00 on the day of departure. Upon further agreement, the suites can in some cases be made available beyond this time. In the event of a late check-out, not agreed upon, the customer will be charged 100% of the current daily price. 

ASH does not allow parties in the suites/rooms, and there must be general quiet from 23:00. The host has the right to reject any resident/guest who does not follow these regulations. 

ASH reserves the right to refuse entry or terminate the tenancy without reimbursement of costs to any guest/resident who creates a disturbance. 

ASH reserves the right to be able to enter the suites/rooms if there is a need for this during the tenancy. Natural situations will be: agreed cleaning, reported defects/maintenance from a guest/resident, if there is a suspicion of water leakage, fire or other damage/maintenance.

Subletting of the suites is not permitted, and the suites/rooms must only be used as accommodation. All forms of commercial activity are prohibited.


Liability for damage 

The customer/tenant is responsible for damage caused to ASH as a result of negligent or intentional behavior by the resident/guest. In the event of damage or defects during the stay, or upon check-out, this will be rectified by ASH - and the customer/tenant will be charged for time spent and material costs. 

All suites and rooms are non-smoking, and pets are allowed in some suites. For extra cleaning, violations will be charged a fee of NOK. NOK 7,500. 

Washing for stays of less than 90 days is included in the daily price.  

At check-in and check-out, the suites must be handed over in a well-maintained condition. In case of negligent use that requires extra cleaning, this will be charged to the customer. 

ASH is not responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings during the stay. Residents are encouraged to take out travel insurance, and must report theft and damage themselves. 

The resident/guest is responsible for preventing fires both when using the kitchen and by avoiding covering panel ovens. In the event of negligence that leads to a fire or to the calling of the Fire and Rescue Service, the customer will be charged for the costs this entails. Residents must familiarize themselves with ASH's fire/escape instructions.


Complaints from customers or residents must be submitted in writing to ASH as soon as possible and no later than the day of departure. 

ASH offers free Norwegian/international TV channels and WIFI to all our residents/guests. The offer is a free service that does not grant the right to complain. 



In the absence of a suite/room category, ASH can choose, at no extra cost to the customer/tenant, to upgrade the ordered suite to a higher category. 

In cases of unforeseen events where ASH cannot provide the ordered suite/room type, ASH is obliged to provide an equivalent offer within the company or with a comparable company. 


Force majeure 

Events beyond the control of the contracting parties, such as strikes, lockouts, fires etc. which make it impossible to fulfill the obligations in this agreement, give the right to terminate the agreement without liability for damages. 



All disputes that may arise between the parties to this agreement shall, as far as possible, be resolved amicably.  If the dispute is not resolved amicably, the dispute will be brought before Norwegian law system. ASH's venue shall apply.

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